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Low interia 400watt 3phase AC servo motor WE

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Low interia 400watt 3phase AC servo motor WE

Description for AC servo motor 1. 400watt AC servo motor 2. Low noise and vibration 3.Low cogging 4. 2500PPR encoder feedback 5. Stable and reliable 6.Total enclosed Description for AC servo driver 1.AC sine wave control, torque smoothly and without pulsation. 2.2500 ppr incremental photoelectric encoder, high positioning accuracy, rotary positioning accuracy up 1/10000R. 3.Speed ratio up to 1:5000, from low speed to high speed torque characteristics are stable. 4.High-speed arithmetic processing FPGA, maximum motor speed up to 5000RPM. 6.Position, velocity, torque control mode, using widely. 7.Adopt intelligent space vector control algorithm (SVPWM), could produce bigger torque and less noise. 8.Up to three times the overload capacity 9.Over current, overvoltage, overheating and encoder failure, etc.protection Function 10.PC software monitor and debugging servo driver
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Low interia 400watt 3phase AC servo motor WE

Model ACH-06040DC
Rated Powr(watt) 400
Rated torque(N.m) 1.27
Peak torque(N.m) 3.82
Rated line current (A) 1.5
Rated line voltage (V) 60
Rotor inertia (Kg.m2×10-4) 0.467
Coder line number (PPR) 2500
Suitable drive model QS7AA020M
Weight (Kg) 1.2
Insulation grade B
Rating Continuous
Installation mode 60mmX60mm
Installation mode None
Ambient temperature and humidity Environment temperature: -20°C ~+50°C; relative humidity: <90% (no condensing)

Feature of AC servo driver

Model QS7AA020M
Input Voltage AC220+/-10%V
Driver current 20A
Matching motor 400watt,750watt,1000watt
Using Temperature Work:45degree  Storage:-40degree~55degree
Relative Humidity 40%~80% with no condensation
Atmosphere 86-106kpa
Control Mode 1.Position control 2.JOG control 3.Speed control 4.Torque control 5.Position and speed control etc.
Pulse Command 1.Pulse+ Direction 2.CW + CCW Pulse 3. Two-phase AB orthogonal pulses
Control Precision 0.01%
Response Frequency ≤200Hz
Pulse Frequency ≤500kHz
Speed Ratio 1:5000
Regenerative Brake Internally Installed
Electronic Gear 1/30000~30000/1
Overload Capacity ≤300%
Feedback Pulse 2500p/r, Frequency division can be set arbitrary within 0-128
Display Function Speed, current, torque,position, the position deviation,pulses No., the pulse frequency etc.
Protection Function

Over speed, over current, overvoltage, under voltage, overload, super bad, encoder fault, 

the temperature is too high, the internal chip failure,etc.




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