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Korean SCARA robot customer

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  • ADTECH Servo Driver

    ADTECH QS7 High Performance Servo Driver 220V Series LE

    QS7 series servo driver (universal type) Power range: 0.1KW~5.5KW Voltage input: AC200-230V, 1/3PH Control mode: Position/Speed/Torque Protection Function: Over-current,over-voltage,over-heating and encoder bug etc. 

  • dispensing control system

    ADTECH TV5600DJ dispensing control system TI

    ADTECH TV5600DJ dispensing control system TI including pendant and controller together

  • ADTECH CNC Punching Controller

    G code NCT-04 CNC Punching Controller--4 axis LE

    NCT-04 Four Axis Punching CNC Controller programmed by G code Four Axis Punching CNC Controller is widely applied in CNC puch and milling. Macro-variable,programming of macro definition,enable to many kinds of logical relation. Support macro programming with parameter being used,more convenient for user to program.


Korean SCARA robot customer


In 2017-12-27, we introduced one Korean SCARA robot customer; he has visited our company before, and had robot training those days. After he came back home to Korea, he continued to promote our robots through various media channels. Thanks for customer’s support, now he finally got the order. This order will be used for the specific project application with robot and vision system.

The purpose of today's news is mainly to introduce our company's vision system. Please check the picture as below:


Vision Controller is our independent research and development production, with a set of superior performance software. We have done a number of successful vision applications, so we has a wealth of experience and strong after-sale technical services.


If you have the need of robot plus vision system, please kindly contact us, we are confident that we will not disappoint you.



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