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Automated equipments liberate express sorters & handle more than 300 parcels in one hour

Automated equipments liberate express sorters & handle more than 300 parcels in one hour


The express picker next to automated equipment

Efficiency is increased by 70%-80%. Sorting no longer relies on physical strength, but higher requirements for operational skills and responsiveness.

"As these days are too busy, I don't have time to ask my family what I bought." Express sorter Chen Fengbian talked with the reporter and was busy with the work in his hand. "I bought some auto parts on the same day and I didn't have time to choose carefully." "More than 300 pieces of his parcels have been loaded into the cage in one hour, and was ready to be transported to the corresponding crenel."

"Double 11" has just passed. For most people, their "busy" will be over after the previous price comparison and the "buy and buy" of the day, but for Chenfeng and other express sorters, the busyness of "Double 11" is still going on.

Process more than 300 parcels in one hour

On November 14th, when the reporter walked into the third mail processing center in Chongqing, the 15,000-square-meter production plant was busy, and the high-speed sorting machine with double layers covering almost the whole plant was running continuously. There are vehicles constantly drove in and out of the loading and unloading crenel. After the parcel arrived, they were placed on the conveyor belt and transferred to the infeed station. After recording and auditing the “three-dimensional” and “weight” of each parcel, the small and medium-sized parts were transferred to the double-layer bag extension for sorting; those "too thin, too high and too fat" - parcels that do not have the conditions, are selected by the chute in front and sent separately to the shaped parts processing area for manual sorting.

The sorting before mail loading mainly consists of three areas. One is the 42 compartments directly connected by the sorter. The parcels in this area can be directly transferred into the corresponding chute through the system calculation and directly transmitted to the transport compartment. The latter two, the processing areas of 111 non-direct connection ports and special-shaped parts require the sorter to participate manually. The manufacturing & operating administrator of " Post District Central Bureau Command and Dispatching Center of China Post Group Chongqing City Wang Kai told reporters.

The area where Chenfeng is located is the indirect compartment of the inner ring of the sorter. He is mainly responsible for the quick-sorting and stacking work of the adjacent compartments in the two areas of Lijiang and Pengshui. In an interview with reporters, Chenfeng’s scanning and recording instruments in the two regions showed 185 pieces of Lijiang and 168 pieces of Pengshui. "This is probably the number of shipments processed within an hour. It’s still not the most time for the daytime." Chenfeng said that these days are  "double 11" peak season of express. The number of courier items handled in the two areas only can reach 2,000pcs after a day shift. "This number is about two-thirds more than usual."

Chenfeng is going to work from 8:00 in the morning to 6 in the evening on the day shift. Chenfeng departs from home at 6 o'clock in the morning and can get to the mail processing center in about an hour. In addition to the normal lunch break during the day, the rest is basically in the gap between loading and unloading. "You can rest at this time when the express mail of the assembly line has been processed and the new batch has not been transferred to the chute."

Automated sorting makes us a lot easier”

Scan parcels from the chute and place them in the cage when turn around. Stack parcels separately by size, and then go back and continue to scan the new parcels to the grid. Repeat this process in another area by 2 meters after processing parcels temporarily in a compartment. Chenfeng will push it to a slightly distant open space and push another empty cage car over whenever a 2m square cage car is full, and then he will sort parcels standing in the place of cage car and the compartment. "This work is not difficult, but people who are slow-moving, do not scan well and are afraid of terribly busy are only responsible for the compartments of a region." Chenfeng told reporters that he has been working in the postal industry for more than 20 years. He always in the first line of sorting and witnessed the increase in express parcels year after year, especially the "double 11", "there are more things to buy, different kinds, and which areas to send to."

In the past, manual sorting of parcels was slow, and secondly, it was very easy to make mistakes.” Chenfeng said that more and more advanced automated sorting equipment has made their work easier in recent years,. “it was very tired that the distance of handling is long, and the number of sorting is large in the past."

The information of each parcel will be integrated into the QR code on the mail sheet. First, the OBR barcode in front of the conveyor will be scanned by the optical machine for automatic sorting, and then dropped into the corresponding sorting chute. More for Sorter is inputting, sorting and stacking." The monitor of Third Mail Processing Center of Chongqing told reporters that about 700 people participated in the homework on the day of the interview, day and night shifts each 350 people. On the condition of this automation, the per-capita efficiency is increased by 70% to 80%, and the number of pieces per person can be up to 1000 pieces.

Automated sorting lets the sorter's work no longer rely more on physical strength, but also puts higher demands on their operational skills and responsiveness.” Wang Kai said that The speed of express delivery has been continuously improved in the past few years. Even in the time of "Double 11" when express parcels are shipped in large quantities, the processing efficiency and quality of the express shipments can be guaranteed. It is precisely because of the cooperation of these sorters and the increasingly advanced automation equipment.

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