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ADTECH SCARA robots were Eye-catching when 2018 Guangdong Vocational Skills Competition started

ADTECH SCARA robots were Eye-catching when 2018 Guangdong Vocational Skills Competition started


ADTECH SCARA robots were Eye-catching when 2018 Guangdong Vocational Skills Competition started

Industry and Commerce First Technical College of Lingnan Guangdong Province was preparing the competition in spring-like day today.

From November 23rd to 26th, the 2018 Guangdong Vocational Skills Competition -  "Employee Group" started.

The theme of this competition is “New Era, New Skills, New Dreams”, which aims to serve the new demand for high-skilled talents in the “Made in China 2025” strategy and industrial intelligence transformation. The competition scale and the number of participants not only lead the domestic competitions, but also seamlessly connect with the World Skills Competition in terms of event organization and technical evaluation.

There are student groups and employee groups under the competition. The content of the competition is closely related to the actual needs in automated production. The two practical operating sections of the employee group focus on the design, assembly, programming, debugging, optimization and maintenance of robots and machine vision.

Shenzhen ADTECH was successfully selected as the SOLE equipment sponsor of this competition, and exclusively provided 30 sets of SCARA robots, control systems, vision systems and teaching devices for the competition.

In the three-day competition, more than 60 competitors of the employee team will fight for the honors of “May 1st Labor Medal of Guangdong Province” and “Technical Experts of Guangdong Province”.

The most eye-catching place of practical competition is undoubtedly the Competition Workstation. ADTECH AR5215 series SCARA robot & AVS3200 visual system lineup welcomes all players.

Eye-catching ADTECH SCARA robot with visional system

Full confidence, take it easy, look requirements carefully and do it later

Under intensive debugging, do not disturb

The gaze outside the field, the players were anxiously waiting

▲The referees were determining scores by comparing the operation of robots & the machine vision system and the score table.

China has always had a lot of skilled craftsmen. However, the scale, structure and quality of skilled talents cannot meet the needs of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

According to the development plan of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the installed capacity of industrial robots will reach 1 million units by 2020, which will require about 200,000 industrial robot application practitioners.

This skill competition was accompanied by training to form a combination of talent cultivation and motivation through the joint efforts of the government, enterprises and schools. It can complement the pattern of “school-enterprise cooperation, work-study integration” and has an exploration significance to build the evaluation system of skills & talents.

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