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Popular Gantry type CNC cutting system for Flame/Plasma cutting machine ER

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Product Details

           Popular Gantry type CNC cutting system for Flame/Plasma cutting machine ER


          • ARM9 industrial Processor, embedded system of highly cost performance;
          • 10.4 Inch industrial Colorful LCD display;
          • 2(support 3 pulse port output--dualdrive) Axis step/servo motor control;
          • Multi-language compile;
          • Support Wireless MPG;
          • Support capacitive/lilasma torch height controller;
          • Support Multi-gun running simultaneously, and Axis dual drive;
          • Single program can store 50000 lines of instructions and processing code;
          • Software & hardware Alarm function, user friendly & safety operation;
          • Customized software by user’s request;
          • One-key storage & restore function.


          • Software Function:
            • Perfect flame / plasma cutting processes;
            • Support numerous functions, including time delay, preheating, perforating, changing nozzle, moving parts, lift adjustment, displacement perforating, partial image zoom-in, and view;
            • Perforation point selection is supported;
            • With suspended function; it can go back to the suspended position and continue carrying out the program if there is movement after the pause;
            • Track continuous backing function is provided;
            • With plasma arcing detection, initial positioning, and turning signal control functions;
            • Break point recovery function, featuring power-off protection during the processing;
            • Graphic library contains a great number of part figures, which can be edited to generate programs automatically. Rectangle edge-sharing function is supported;
            • Figure processing functions enable it to carry out such functions on figure being processed as rolling, X and Y mirror, line selection, point selection, steel plate calibration, size, array, derangement, and zoom in/out;
            • Figure display function, capable of displaying real-time track;
            • Capable of programming; nest processing files and writing G code are adopted;
            • Perfect and stable file system; the USB disk can read file or folder directly, featuring convenient on-scene operation;
            • With diagnosis function, helping customers settle the machine problems quickly;
            • Capable of controlling 4 stepping/servo motors at the same time, double axes can be synchronous, or the 3rd and 4th axis functions can be developed once again according to the actual demand;
            • System default setup and restore functions can better protect the system parameters;
            • Enable to custom the input and output terminals to improve the system performance, benefiting the future maintenance;
            • User-defined M compound instruction code is supported to expand the processing technologies of the system;
            • Support input methods in many languages, which would be better to identify the file name;
            • User-friendly operating interface with wizard or menu function is adopted;
            • Perfect gap compensation function;
            • Flexible switching of locking and inching is supported;
            • 10.4 inch color LCD display, with user-friendly and easy-to-use operating interface.

            Application environment:
            • Power supply: 88∼264VAC, 125∼373VDC;
            • frequency: 47∼63Hz;
            • Typical value: AC220V 50HZ;
            • Power consumption: No-load power consumption <15W;
            • Operating temperature: 0°C∼-60°C;
            • Storage temperature: -20°C∼80°C;
            • Operating humidity: 20%∼95%;
            • Storage humidity: 0%∼95% .

            Hardware Function:
            • SANSUNG series S3C2410A processor (ARM9), primary frequency: 200MHz;
            • Adopt the super large programmable FPGA, real time multitask control technology and hardware interpolation technology, ensuring a high stability during the operation;
            • With reasonable process structure, cooperating with all photovoltaic isolation control, and featuring powerful anti-interference performance;
            • With 64M SDRAM;
            • With 64M Nand FLASH ROM (data storage, 50M can be simulated as USB disk);
            • Support USB1.1 equipment interface;
            • Support USB host-port interface (capable of reading USB disk);
            • Support TCP/IP network interface;
            • Four-channel stepper/servo motor pulse photovoltaic isolation output, maximum frequency 2MHz;
            • Frequency error of pulse output is less than 0.1%;
            • Pulse output can be single-pulse (pulse + direction) or double-pulse (pulse+ pulse) mode;
            • Any 2-4 axes linear interpolation;
            • Linear acceleration/deceleration;
            • Stepper motor or servo motor is provided. High micro-stepping driver is used, with high precision and stable operation, capable of reading real-time logic position, actual position, and driving speed during the operation;
            • RS232 (±15KV electrostatic protection);
            • Capable of programming on-line with only a serial port cable and a USB cable; no coder is needed;
            • Capable of connecting external keyboard;
            • With buzzer alarm;
            • 10.4 inch color LCD display, with user-friendly and easy-to-use operating interface.
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