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PMC Series Ethernet (Stand-alone) Motion Controller ADT-8860 SC

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  • ADT-8860
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Product Details

  • ADT-8860 has multi function similar with PLC, user can make program at work site, it named 6 axes PMC (programmable motion controller), support off line & online mode as real time work. It widely used for kinds of automation control equipment.

    When the PMC motion controller running under offline mode, it adopt C program style command program & control, which can compatible for parts of G code motion command; when it adopts on line mode to running, any the third software can pass standard Modbus communication agreement to visit PMC inner system register area, which can realized kinds of functions based on control card, provides flexible open structure.

    • Use SANGSUNG series S3C2440 CPU(ARM9), up to 533MHz main frequency;
    • Use large scale programmable device FPG, employ real time multitask control technology and hardware interpolation technology, ensuring high stability during working;
    • Use high segment drives, enabling high precision processing and smooth running;
    • Random 2-3 axes and 4-6 axes linear interpolation;
    • Have software arc interpolation;
    • Linear acceleration and deceleration;
    • Support part of common G code processing instructions, and realize offline or real time processing and control through G code;
    • Use C programming language, support 32 user program to run at the same time, support PLC;
    • Read the logical position£¬actual position and driving speed in real time during motion;
    • 6-axis pulse/direction input, 34-channel optical coupling input, 6-channel alarm signal input, 6-axis coder AB+Z pulse input;
    • 18-channel collector open circuit optical coupling isolation output, another 6-axis output can be used for servo universal control or servo alarm clear;
    • Use standard RJ45 Ethernet interface and Modbus communication protocol;
    • Own 64M SDRAM and 256M Nand FLASH ROM storage, which can meet the need of complex processing and running;
    • Support USB 1.1 interface, users can update the software to the latest application;
    • Reasonable structure, full optical coupling isolation control, superior anti-jamming capacity;
    • RS232 (¡À15KV antistatic protection);
    • Buzzer prompt;
    • All hardware components are compiled into function library, and no hardware knowledge is required for the development

    Expansion board + Serial port line + Flat cable + USB download line + Ethernet communication cable

    • Switch quantity input:
      • Channel: 68, all optical coupling isolation
      • Input voltage: 12-24V;
      • High level:>4.5V
      • Low level:<1.0V
      • Isolation voltage: 2500V DC
      • Optical coupling input delay: ≤0.1ms
      Counting input:
      • Channel: 6AB+Z phase coding input, all optical coupling isolation;
      • Maximum counting frequency: 2MHz;
      • Input voltage: 5V
      • High level: >4.5V
      • Low level: <1.0V
      • Isolation voltage: 2500V DC
      • Optical coupling input delay: ≤0.1ms
      Pulse output:
      • Channel: 6-axis pulse, 6-axis direction, all optical coupling isolation;
      • Maximum pulse frequency: 1MHz;
      • Output type: 5V differential output;
      • Output mode: pulse+direction or pules+pulse;
      Switching quantity output:
      • Output channel: 40, all optical coupling isolation;
      • Output type: NPN collector for open circuit 12-24VDC, rated current 0.5A, maximum current of single channel is 1A.
      • RS232 communication rate(bps): 1200\2400\4800\9600\19200\38400\57600\115200
      • Power supply:DC 24V
      • Power consumption: 5W-15W
      • Operating temperature: 45°C
      • Storage temperature: -40°C-55°C
      • Operating humidity: 40%-80%
      • Storage humidity: 0%-95%

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