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M-CNC5ZK05H 5 Axis 5 Head Brush Drilling And Tufting Machine SH

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Product Details

BM-CNC5ZK05H 5 Axis 5 Head Brush Drilling And Tufting Machine

The 5 axis 5 head high speed drilling and tufting machine BM-CNC5ZK05H with 3 drill heads and 2 tufting head is to make varieties of toilet brushes and radial brushes.

BM-CNC5ZK05H 5 Axis 5-Head Brush Drilling And Tufting Machine Feature:
1. The computer system in this machine with PC IPC motherboards, 586 industry computer.
2. With 10.4 inch colorful LCD screen, 640*480 lattice.
3. The system adopt four-wire resistive touch screen, make the operating more convient and direct.
4. Convenient to adjust the hole position with the handwheel.
5. Safe to operate. With alarming fuction ,the system will give an alam and stop to run when the machine fails.
6. Full Featured, Editing functions of processing data, such as ADD, ALT, INSERT, DELETE, makes it convenient to solve these problems: the deviation of hole position, hole-repeating and hole-missing.
7. Easy to operate and program.
8.Large capacity,it can store 2000 programmes and each programme can imput 100,000 processing data.
9. Convenient to find the specific program by choosing the program number.
10. Standard designed circuit reduces the line interference and makes sure send the correct singal.
11. You can confirm whether the hole postion is right by step test after the program is saved.
12. Have three drilling head and two tufting head to produce different kinds of brushes, can make wide application, high processing speed and high production.
13. Can produce different types of bristles with different angle of the brush or broom through change different platform.
14. The platform can choose:
◆ Produce slope / vertical brush angle of the platform
◆ Produce sphere round toilet brush and Hemispherical dish washing brush platform
◆ Produce tubular industrial brush or hair brush platform
15. The pin,filament cutting and all the other parts are made by standard ,it makes change and service more convient.
16. The machine can produce single or double colour brushes, can drilling holes or tufting the filament independent as you want.
17. Spare parts are all made by our factory.It is very easy to replaceable.
18. Equipped with central lubrication device.
19、Security protect:Overload, short circuit protection

Technical Paremeters for 5 Axis 5 Head Brush Drilling And Tufting Machine BM-CNC5ZK05H:

Item Model BM-CNC5ZK05H
1 NO. of Axis 5 axis
2 Qty of Heads 5 heads, 3 drilling heads and 2 tufting head
3 Setting of Worktable High-precision straight-line rail and ball screw,steady and durable.
4 Material of Brush Handle Polyethylene, polystyrene, return materials, wood
5 Material of Filaments PP,PET,PVC,STEEL WIRE
6 Application To make varieties of toilet brushes and radial brushes
7 Diameter of Filaments 0.08mm-1.2mm
8 The length of filament(outside the hole) 120mm
9 Diameter of Hole ¢3.0mm-¢8.0mm
10 Colors of Brush Filaments Double colors
11 Maximum Drilling and Tufting Speed 900 holes/minutes
12 Max Speed 15000n/min
13 High Speed Motor Delta High-Speed Motor
14 AC Motor Italian Brake Motor
15 Type&Brand of Driver/Motor Delta servo motor by Panasonic  , can adopt some brand motor&driver requested by users
16 Adjust Speed Frequency-conversion stepless-adjustable speed
17 Replaceable Fixture FMS type. It can be easily changed to make other kinds of brushes
18 Head Mode

Flat or Martin

19 Programme Storage Store 2000 programme,each can imput 100 thousand processing data.
20 Program System CNC system,high precision,stability and efficiency
21 Dimension(L*W*H) 2320mm×1920mm×2220mm
22 Gross Weight 1200KG
23 Power AC three phases 380, 50Hz
24 Total Power 4KW
25 Compressed Air Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa


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