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Industrial CNC Control System

CNC USB Controller for milling drilling or router

CNC4640 4 axis milling CNC controller CA

CNC4640 4 axis CNC P and D Controller for milling drilling or router Pulse and direction signal cnc controller + servo system (including servo motor,drive and cable)+ spindle inverter

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ADT-8940A1 4axis PCI-bus motion control cards CA

ADT-8940A1 4axis PCI-bus motion control cards with PUL+DIR CA

ADT-8940A1 is high cost effective pci-bus motion control cards. It support linear, arc. interpolation.40 channel input and 16 channel digtial output port. It can be application for cutting machine, engraving machine,laser equipments. 

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Industrial Vision Positioning System

AVS Industrial Vision Positioning System TR

VS industrial vision positioning system by the IPC and visual software. AVS fast and accurate visual positioning system location, the system is stable and efficient, easy to operate, the camera supports a variety of different interfaces Gigabit Ethernet, USB or the like; or online at supporting line detection; support area CCD camera; Support RS232, Ethernet and other common co...

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4 axis punching controller

NCT-04 CNC punching control system CA

7 inches color high-resolution screen display punching controller, display system information, rich interface can be made of parameter selection in both Chinese and English.

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CNC milling/drilling controlling system

CNC4640 CNC milling/drilling controlling system CA

Introduction: ADTECH researches and develops this high performance CNC controller CNC4640 specifically for small and medium-sized CNC machine manufacturers. Using ARM high performance CPU and ultra large scale programmable devices FPGA, real time multi task control and hardware interpolation technology, to realize the high efficiency of μm-level precision processing. 256M ...

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4 Axis  KEY-copying machine controller

CNC KY460A 4 Axis KEY-copying machine controller CA

KY260A, KY360A and KY460A are 2-axis, 3-axis and 4-axis key control systems designed by Adtech for the key processing industry on the basis of milling machine. The system is mainly used for processing of keys, lock shells, lock cylinders and other related workpieces. It uses standard and industry G-code programming, and is widely used in a variety of CNC key machining equipment...

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Four Axis Punching CNC Controller

NCT-04 Four Axis Punching CNC Controller CA

NCT-04 Four Axis Punching CNC Controller CA Four Axis Punching CNC Controller is widely applied in for CNC puch and milling. Macro-variable,programming of macro definition,enable to many kinds of logical relation.Support macro programming with parameter being used,more covenient for user to program

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Driving control system of injection molding machine WE

Driving control system of injection molding machine WE

Driving control system of injection molding machine WE Injection molding machine and injection molding robot njection molding machine: the plasticizing system, injection system, the clamping system and transmission system of plastic injection molding equipment,  injection molding machine.            ...

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DK300A 3 Axis Engraving Control System

DK300A 3 Axis Engraving Control System SH

DK300A 3 Axis Engraving Control System SH DK300A is a cost-effective and stable engraving control system, the CPU is ARM9, and FPGA for motion control, so it is high response and precision. It support several kind of communications (USB, RS232, RJ45-network); realize remote control and DNC function. This engraving machine controller can be used for all kind of engraving machine...

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MCK300A wood processing CNC controller 4 axis SH

MCK300A wood processing CNC controller 4 axis SH

MCK300A wood processing CNC controller 4 axis SH ADTECH Specifically for small and medium sized machine tool manufacturers both at domestic and abroad independent research and development of cost-effective numerical control system. Adopts the ARM CPU and large scale programmable devices of high performance FPGA, real-time multitasking control and hardware interpolation technolo...

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key machine system

KY260A CNC key making machine control system SH

KY260A Using ARM + FPGA high-end hardware platform to improve stability and efficiency of the system itself; Supports two-axis milling and general milling teeth function, can process simple accessories of lockmaking industry; With the functions of key -coded jump-select processing, custom processing, screening generated, conditional judgment, special processing, automatic group...

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touch screen

ADT-TP3540 4 Axis motion controller (touch screen) WE

ADTECH Motion controllers adopt industrial advance & high-speed microprocessor ARM, VLSI programmable device FPGA. By far, our motion controllers have been successfully applied on hundreds kinds of machines in more than 50 countries and nations.

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