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HC6500 gantry type plasma cnc cutting controller CA

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Product Details

1) using ARM9 processor technology, 32 high-performance CPU, clocked at up to 266MHZ, ultra-large-scale programmable devices FPGA, software and hardware interpolation technology, high stability at work. 
2) the use of real-time multi-tasking operating systems, stand-alone without WINDOWS viruses. 
3) I / O using all-optical coupling isolation, input and output points using hardware anti-jamming technology, with good results in terms of EMC and EMI, plasma super anti-jamming capability. 
4) output circuit has overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, overheating protection. 
5) The output circuit can be directly driven by an external solenoid valve. 
6) the entire PCB circuit board with integrated design, to avoid the phenomenon of poor contact connector, hardware architecture firm. 
7) using the latest parallel and serial ferroelectric pair program, support systems timely refresh ferroelectric data storage, easy to solve abnormal processing power data loss problem; 
8) a single program can store 50,000 lines of code processing to meet the operation and the processing of complex procedures, easily handle running large programs. 
9) languages to choose from. 
10) processing file name support in English display, you can use folders for each customer retention management processing document classification for easy identification and calls. 
11) graphics library and co-edge mesh feature that some common pattern size, shape, size can be edited. 
12), plasma arc detection, the initial location, the corner of signal control, slow processing speed of the small radius of the arc. 
13) Replace the cutting gun muzzle, moving parts, displacement perforation, delay, preheating, perforation, lift adjustment. 
14) graphics processing capabilities of graphics processing rotate, mirror, choose the line, the choice of site, steel correction, size, arrays, dislocation arrangement, scale, simple nesting functions. 
15) manual self-locking, jog flexible switching function. 
16) graphical display, local graphic zoom, center viewing and other functions, real-time track moving coordinate point tracking display. 
17) Continuous back continuously forward, pause, return to the origin, and other functions. 
18) The main interface help features, easier to use for novice users. 
A key parameters and system files backup and restore function 19) the end-user equipment to restore factory settings, and better protect the system parameters and system files. 
20) complete file system, you can directly read, copy, delete, paste, edit, test, preview files U disk function, folders overall processing capabilities, and convenient on-site operations.
21) The user can use U disk to download the latest update application update. 
22) tracks the input U-disk transfer CAD nesting site after processing files and manually write the G code in two ways. 
23) Custom M complex instruction code or a single instruction code, the greater the expansion of the system processes. 
24) Custom input and output ports function, improve system performance, facilitate future maintenance. 
25) Support Ethernet data transmission capabilities, to provide a stable and reliable basis for processing production line networking; 
26) An external standard PS button to use the keyboard instead of the panel. 
27) equipped with I / O signal detection, electrical testing, limit testing, servo alarm detection, motor drive signal detection, key detection and other functions to help users quickly resolve malfunction. 
28) The high and low self-setting function, to meet different customers different design habits and standards. 
29) 10.4-inch color LCD screen, using the wizard, menu functions, more humanized operation interface. 
30) High-speed pulse signal frequency output can guarantee a 2M, and cooperate fully meet the domestic and international high-end servo system operation, and supports encoder feedback signal reading capabilities, high-precision displacement control subdivision powerful guaranteed. 
31) can simultaneously control four stepper / servo motors, synchronous or biaxially according to actual needs re-development of the third axis, fourth axis function.

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ADT-HC6500 large gantry cutting 
ADT-HC6500 gantry single flame 
ADT-HC6500 pick two plasma cutting without interference 
ADT-HC6500 a plasma flame 
ADT-HC6500 used in the drilling 
ADT-HC6500 straight cutting profile name Date Download · ADT-HC6500 gantry flame / plasma cutting system software manual 2009-10-22 · ADT-HC6500 gantry flame / plasma cutting system hardware specification 2009-10-22 Tips: product specification information, please contact the relevant sales staff, customer service engineer to get in touch and ask, thank you! 
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