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AS160 Fan Inverter, Water Pump Inverter WE

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Product Details


AS160 Fan Inverter, Water Pump Inverter  WE

The AS160 frequency inverter is classified into fan inverter and water pump inverter according to its application. Our water pump inverter is a newly developed AC drive for industrial and civil use water pumps. It is flexible and convenient to use, and provides water supply system with multiple functions, like constant pressure water supply, and water pump switch functions, etc. Our fan inverter and water pump inverters are designed based on international advanced electrical motor control technology, so they offer superior motor control performance. In addition, we also make improvements on our fan inverter and water pump inverter according to market demand and its working environments, making our frequency inverter ideal for use on not only fans and water pumps, but also mixers and conveyors, etc.  With multiple frequency-setting methods, our fan inverter and water pump inverter are able to meet users' diversified application demands. 

Design Advantages of STEP Fan Inverter and Water Pump Inverter 

  1. Username and password are necessary while starting our fan inverter and water pump inverter, which ensures system operation safety. Meanwhile, the low inductance bus also helps ensure operation safety. 

2. New type PWM inverter dead time compensation method and dynamic carrier modulation technology help effectively reduce the noise and losses in electric motors. With automatic rotor copper loss compensation function, our fan inverter and water pump inverter can ensure the constant speed of electric motors. 

3. With PID control function, our fan and water pump inverters can achieve process control conveniently. Also, they come with automatic voltage regulation function, so they can keep constant voltage output even when there is power grid voltage fluctuation. In addition, our fan inverter and water pump inverter are designed with frequency hopping control function to effectively avoid the resonance point of mechanical loads, and rotational speed tracking function to allow a rotating motor to start again smoothly. 

4. STEP fan inverter and water pump inverter have reliable structure design. They have independent air duct, and compact structure, and are resistant to water, dust and vibration. Meanwhile, they can work at wide range of input voltages, and are designed with automatic detection function when powered on, complete terminal protection, overheat alarming, whole machine protection, high precision electrical circuit detection and protection, and more functions. 

5. Water pump inverter functions 

With multiple V/F curves, the frequency inverter is ideal for water pumps and related variable-torque loads. Without a need of PLC or water supply system controller, the water pump inverter allows the water pump to realize commonly used water supply functions. To illustrate, it mainly supports two types of water supply modes, namely standard variable frequency pump water supply and circulating pump water supply. 

6. Both our fan inverter and water pump inverter have over-voltage and under-voltage alarming function. Meanwhile, they can output serial communication signals through the programmable relay, thus achieving the barrier-free communication between the inverter and its control computer and making automatic control and management possible. 

Technical Specifications of STEP Fan Inverter and Water Pump Inverter

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