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ADTECH CNC9810V multifunctional CNC controller more than 10 application CA

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Product Details

ADTECH CNC9810V Controller


System Additional Functions:

1.  Speed forward processing

Pre reading tools path by the CNC system, automatic analysis operation processing speed, ensure smooth transitions in the process, avoid speed caused the vibration of machine tool, especially for the processing to achieve a flexible cutting small segments and improves processing speed and performance, system maximum number of read-ahead is 3000, can meet all kinds of complex Processing track. 


2. Add common processing technology CAM function, through the parameters provided by the rapid completion of circular processing requirements.


3. Breakpoint memory settings Power failure memory function, the process of abnormal withdrawal of the system when the program can be permanently memorized line number, coordinates and other information, start again can choose to continue from the breakpoint processing, abnormal exit, including system power outage, Breakpoint memory is divided into position memory and state memory, the location of the system memory can breakpoint to the subroutine call and loop program, the state memory for the direct recovery of the state at the breakpoint processing, suitable for large file carving and no subroutine call .


4. Cross file program calls the function and the same workspace program calls the function. subroutines can be saved in a separate file, like a feature-when processing multiple times in a single product can be the same graphic saved as a NC files, called in the main program, the primary process simple and flexible


5 With class b macro functions, and Arch set of macro variables, some variables have the power to save, system status registers can also be accessed through the macro addresses


6, Macro programming grammar is fully compatible with the C programming language, such as the IF, ELSE, WHILE, GO TO and the function call, fully support small round enclosed operator, small square enclosed operator, big enclosed operator, annotation support/line /, block / * * / programming writing style.


7 The system has a variety of compensation functions: backlash compensation, pitch error compensation, tool radius compensation, tool length compensation.


8 System is an open structure design of internal resources can be accessed through the address, module manufacturers to develop interface provided, manufacturers can design their own modules, such as the auxiliary control, tool storage control features (such as disc cutter, knife blade, double z-tool, tool change with several cylinders).


9 The system has an automatic tool setting function, and a cutter detection function. Effectively ensure the processing accuracy and product qualification rate.


10 Convenient and efficient system debugging, the entire Chinese parameters to support the English language, most of the parameters of the factory has been set up, just modify a few parameters related to machine characteristics can work, the same machine can also debug a good machine system data backup First, into the same new model into the fast completion of the system data set. Significant savings in system settings work, to facilitate mass production, backup data archiving can also be used for future maintenance.

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