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ADT-TP3340DJ 2-4 axis dispensing controller WE

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Product Details

ADT-TP3340DJ 2-4 axis dispensing controller WE


ADT-TP3340DJ Controller for Automatic Adhesive Dispenser -Touch Screen Type

ADT-TP3340DJ 2~4 axis Controller for Automatic Adhesive Dispenser: Little size, Large display screen, split-type structure easy for operation; It support duplex dispensing, data input by teach mode; processing graphics display function Automatic Adhesive。


  • RS232 communication (±15KV static protection);
  • Development tool use UC/OS-II operation system;
  • Contain 2M Nor FLASH ROM(program room);
  • 32-digit counting (logical position and actual location);
  • 32-channel optical coupler isolation IP (input) (incl. 4-channel AB phase IP);
  • Highly adaptable switching power supply at 85~265VAC 45~65Hz;
  • Contain 32M Nand FLASH ROM(Data Storage, can simulation for U disk );
  • 4-channel step/servo motor pulse optical coupler isolation output, with the max. frequency at 2MHz;
  • Real-time reading of logical position, actual position, driving speed during motion;
  • Adopt S3C44B0X MCU(ARM7) for SANSUNG series, main frequency 64MHz;
  • Online programming, and just need one pieces of serial port line and USB line, free of programmer;
  • All the hardware have been edited as function, it can be developing not any hardware knowledge;
  • 4-axes coder AB phase PS optical coupler isolation IP (can act as 8-channel switch quantity IP);
  • Pulse output can select between single PS (pulse) (PS + direction) or double PS (PS + PS) mode;
  • 16-channel collector open-circuit optical coupler isolation OT (output), 1~8 point(s) sharing a common, and the other 8 points have the independent common


  • 2-4 DOF space track motion ( straight line, arc, and helical curve)
  • Instructed record track parameter, simple and quick operation, support figure preview, compare if the files correspond to the real size.
  • Can store groups of dispensing technology, 256M space for storage, can store 9999 technology files; every file can store up to 9999 file points.
  • Support AUTO CAD or Corel DRAW convert to PLT format, simplify complex image.
  • A number of I/O port can be used for programme, convenient for all fronts automatic design.
  • Adopt text format to save the file, easy for modify via PC.
  • USB and RS232 port can download the file directly via USB disk.
  • Single-step or automatic processing mode.
  • Adjust the speed, accelerated speed, input/output port flexible while gluing.
  • High precision of dispensing, regular track, stable extruding, high efficiency.
  • Adopt hardware interpolation, can realize rapid straight line, arc interpolation and other complex moving.
  • Can set the operation of feeding, backing, on and off at any point and control any glue switch separately.
  • Track repeat function, can realize single track reproduce with different offset.
  • 6 points mode: common straight line, precise straight line, track end, offset, set to zero file ending point, none set to zero file ending point.
  • Can be customized according to your request.
  • Pulse output: 4-axis pulse + direction or pulse + pulse output, differential connection can also be common anode, the maximum pulse frequency is 2MHz
  • AB phase pulse input: 4-axis AB phase pulse input, 32 count, maximum count frequency is 4MHz, shared input channels with 8 digital input signal
  • Switch input: 32 opto-isolated digital inputs, input voltage 12-24V NPN mode, low level is effective, 8-channel high-speed channel can be used to do the AB phase pulse input
  • Digital output: 16 NPN open collector outputs, all opto-isolation, 5-24VDC, the maximum current is 100mA. Five of which can be used to do a 5-channel PWM output, software-selectable output modes
  • Motion Control: two-axis linear interpolation, three-axis linear interpolation, four-axis linear interpolation, linear acceleration / deceleration, immediately stop, deceleration stop
  • Storage space: 8MB of SDRAM is a program running space, and 32MB are the FLASH program and data’s storage space
  • Output Interface: USB communication, RS232 COM

  • Application Environment:

    • Power supply: 85 ~ 265VAC, 45 ~ 65Hz
    • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60 ° C
    • Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 80 ℃
    • Operating Humidity: 20% -95%
    • Storage humidity: 0% -95%

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