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5 axis 8mm compression spring machine GH-CNC580 TI

5 axis 8mm compression spring machine GH-CNC580 TI

GH-CNC580 is big wire diameter compression spring machine usually used for motorcycle spring making with good performance and the best price
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GH-CNC580 5-axis compression spring machine

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    GH-CNC580 is a high precision CNC compression spring machine, which is independently designed by ADTECH. The spring machine could make spring wire diameter 3-8mm, orbit rate 4-8. Maximum outside diameter of different springs is 150mm, such as Columns, cone springs, and also different pitch different wire diameter tension springs. This spring machine is a kind of high precision, high efficiency, reasonable structure, convenient use, debugging simple, people, machine processing equipment of dialogue best spring.

  • 1. The first axis is for wire feeding, controlled by a 25KW servo motor, can feed unlimited length, and tolerance is between 0.1mm.The highest feeding speed is 30meters/min.
  • 2. The second, third axes are cutting tool axis, has 2 sets 7kw servo motors, separatelly control the upper and lower blocks.
  • 3. Space axis is controlled by a 3.8KW servo motor, and it could gurantee high precisely pitch of screw by a ball screw. Outside diameter axis is controlled by a 2.7KW servo motor, through cam and planar lever to change it.
  • 4. In manufacturing, convenient and effort. This spring making machine is accurate transmission, smooth operation, wear resistance and long service life. The spring machine adopts computer digital control, five axis of arbitrary one axis, can independence movement. Also can make any of several shaft coordination linkage, that its operation is convenient to make the complex debugging process is very simple.

Technical Paremeters for 5-axis CNC Compression Spring Machine GH-CNC580:

Model GH-CNC580
Axes Number 5 axes
Wire Diameter 3-8mm
Max. Diameter 150MM
Max. Feeding Length unlimited
Max. Production Speed 30pcs/min
Wire Feeding Servo Motor 30KW
Wire Diameter Servo Motor 3.8KW
Pitch Servo Motor 2.7KW
Cutter Servo Motor 7KW
Power AC 380V
Wire Feed Rolles 3 sets
Wire Feed Rolles Working Model by cylinder
Dimensions(L* W *H) 2500*1800*2250mm
Weight 6T

Standard Accessories:

  • 1. Wire feed rolles 3 sets 6pcs (6 wire diameters, ¢3.2, ¢4, ¢5, ¢6, ¢7,¢8) , optional(¢3, ¢3.6, ¢4.5, ¢5.5, ¢6.5, ¢7.5)
  • 2. Curve 6 wire diameters(¢3.2, ¢4, ¢5, ¢6, ¢7, ¢8)
  • 3. Quill: 3 sets with 6 wire
  • 4. Left, middle, right input wire tool (each is 3 sets--6 wire diameters)
  • 5. Wire Feeder: 2T(Automatic)
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