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Witness The New Bright Prospect!ADTECH Wins Ofweek 2019

Witness The New Bright Prospect!ADTECH Wins Ofweek 2019


Witness The New Bright Prospect!ADTECH Wins Ofweek 2019 "Most Value Brand Award" In The Robotics Industry

On June 13th, the results of the annual selection of the China Robotics Industry in the Weike Cup·OFweek 2019 were announced in Shenzhen. With strong comprehensive strength, leading sales performance and outstanding achievements and reputation in the industry, ADTECH Shenzhen won the “Most Value Brand  Award”.

△ Awarding site (the right one is Mr. Wang Liang, Marketing Director of ADTECH)

At the awarding ceremony, hundreds of business leaders, experts and scholars and innovative pioneers from the industry witnessed the important moment of winning the honor and applause of the award-winning robotics company.

At present, China has become the world's largest consumer market for industrial robots. In the next three years, China's robot consumption will reach nearly 100 billion US dollars. Faced with the pressure of foreign brands, domestic robot companies are closely related to technology and product performance, brave in market development, showing a trend of blooming, and gradually emerged as a leading domestic enterprise represented by ADTECH Shenzhen .

It known to us all that the "OFweek 2019" Weike Cup's annual evaluation of the Chinese robot industry, with the three dimensions of technical product innovation, application landing and enterprise development as the assessment criteria, selected the annual outstanding products, best application case awards. With the brand value, the most growth, and the most innovative enterprise award, in the process of selection for half a year, a total of more than 100 companies have received reports. In the online voting session, 100,000+ effective votes have been obtained. This is a great annual event in the robotics industry!

In the principle of scientific rigorous, fair and impartial selection, the organizer invited an independent jury composed of senior experts from domestic authoritative industry associations, universities and research institutions to discuss the participating companies and participants in a fair and objective manner. Screening, combined with the number of online votes, for a comprehensive evaluation.

△ Honor Certificate

In addition, the OFweek2019 (ninth) China Robotics Industry Conference held in conjunction with this award also provided a powerful platform for well-known robot companies in China. The sharp industry views and cutting-edge technology sharing of the speakers were all received by the audience and they have the strong reaction of this.

Mr. Wang Liang, Marketing Director of ADTECH SHENZHEN, gave a keynote speech entitled “In-depth and precise, how SCARA solves the pain points in the industry”.

△ Mr. Wang Liang, Marketing Director of ADTECH, gave a keynote report

Wang Liang pointed out that unlike traditional industrial robots, the application of SCARA robots is concentrated in many sub-sectors, such as 3C, new energy, white goods, dispensing, locking, and shoe making , education, medicine, etc., emerging application industries obviously need more flexible manipulators, the application of the transformation of the SCARA robots towards faster, more stable, more accurate development, although in some areas there have been a few "top-notch" domestic robots Enterprises, but "price wars" still cause many robot manufacturers to "get injured."

Wang Liang believes that only the various robot companies can clearly position themselves, work hard, and subdivide the industry to highlight their advantages, in order to make themselves invincible.

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