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What's the ADTECH style?Just check it out in Qingdao Automation Exhibition

What's the ADTECH style?Just check it out in Qingdao Automation Exhibition

What's the ADTECH style?Just check it out in Qingdao Automation Exhibition

On July 18th, the 21st Qingdao International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition(IAIE) opened in Qingdao. The exhibition aims to accelerate the transformation of technology manufacturing and industrial model, promote the vertical extension and horizontal expansion of the industrial equipment industry chain, and focus on industrial automation. And various automation equipment and technologies such as control technology, electric drive, industrial robot, instrumentation and test and measurement technology.

Combining the characteristics of manufacturing demand in Qingdao and North China, ADTECH Shenzhen will use this exhibition platform to showcase a variety of innovative and reliable motion control and robot intelligent solutions.

Qingdao has a long history of manufacturing and strong strength. At present, traditional industries such as home appliances, machinery and equipment, textiles and garments are actively exploring the intelligent transformation of production lines and promoting the automation and intelligent upgrading of all aspects of production.

At the show, every application case that has already landed has given the audience an endless imagination. ADTECH PR5216 robot lock screw solution, using a blown supply lock with SCARA, with suction-type disassembly SCARA to form a lock operation cycle; dual-position dispensing platform, showing the controller set control and stepper drive in one The hand-held box teaches that the dispensing process is completed in one stop, eliminating the undesirable phenomena such as glue build-up and lack of glue. In addition, the platform for precise small arc motion control and high-speed handling of GR robots also exhibits outstanding performance in motion control. In the field of industrial robots, we are constantly pursuing efficient, high-precision, high-speed and practical product concepts based on industry demand.

We believe that by participating in this exhibition, we will deepen the imprint of ADTECH brand and products in Qingdao and surrounding areas, and at the same time focus on the most realistic manufacturing status in the local area, which will help to  provide  more suitable local services in the future.
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