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What Are the Advantages of Bus Type Motion Controllers?

What Are the Advantages of Bus Type Motion Controllers?


What Are the Advantages of Bus Type Motion Controllers?

    Motion control is one of the core applications of automation. Under the general trend of Made in China 2025, in addition to the attention of industrial robots and CNC machine tools, the demand for general motion control is also growing rapidly. The ADTECH AMC1600E bus motion controller features high program execution, precise motion control, and port features. There have been significant improvements in many areas.


    As motion control applications become more extensive and extensive, customers have a higher need to control the number of axes. The bus type motion controller supports 16-axis bus and 6-axis pulse hybrid control. HMI, IO, DA, and AD can be flexibly configured according to customer's actual conditions. Powerful operation and control processing function, with motion track pre-processing planning function, spline interpolation, electronic cam and other motion functions. Support for functions such as electronic cams, electronic gears, and rotary cutting is also more powerful. The graphical cam editor enables trajectory control and dynamically corrects cam data during operation. The efficiency, precision and flexibility of the machining operations are improved.


    AMC1600E bus type motion control can meet the needs of many applications in the industrial machinery field. In addition to providing common single-axis positioning, speed control and other functions, it also provides multi-axis control such as electronic cam, electronic gear, virtual axis and other functions. Such as wheel cutting, flying shears and other commonly used application function blocks, as long as the application needs to control multiple axes, the bus type motion controller can give full play to its advantages.

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