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Application of ADTECH Control System in TFT Grinding and Cleaning System

Application of ADTECH Control System in TFT Grinding and Cleaning System

Key words:

TFT Grinding Cleaning Bus Control Card ADT-6320E EtherCAT 1600E SCARA AVS


For a long time, the complete set of TFT grinding and cleaning system solutions provided by Japanese developers is the industry benchmark and dominates the development trend of the industry. Our company cooperates with customers with the help of diversified control system products, bus control system as the main line, SCARA robot and AVS visual system, and realizes the solution of multiple stations such as loading and unloading of TFT grinding machine and truss. The real-time control of the cleaning equipment can achieve a production efficiency of up to 300pcs/h, which can compete with the Japanese control system.

Our company's designed the TFT polishing control system solution is  as shown below:

The loading and unloading station adopts ADTECH EtherCAT bus motion control card ADT-6320E to realize the action of the material to be processed and the finished product. At the same time, the real-time start-stop control and real-time alarm display of the truss and cleaning equipment can be realized at the front end. The buffer output technology is adopted in the process of loading and unloading, which can connect multi-point control and hardware communication with SCARA robot, so that the processing process beats smoothly and efficiently without pause.

The truss station uses the ADTECH EtherCAT bus motion controller ADT-1600E to realize the feeding and grinding of the material to be processed and the transportation of the material to be cleaned. To ensure the harmony of the process, up to 6 grinding equipment can be produced at the same time.

Feeding to the truss and assembling the cleaning material and notifying the blanking of the two joints is done by the ADTECH SCARA four-axis robot + ADTECH AVS vision system. The raw materials are accurately positioned by the AVS vision system, captured by the SCARA robot and placed accurately in the designated area of the truss or empty box, with visual accuracy of up to 1/40 pixels, SCARA repeat progress of ±0.015mm, combined accuracy of ±0.05 mm.

The equipment has been stably produced at the customer's site, and the production efficiency can reach 300pcs/h, which can reach more than 85% of the efficiency of Japanese machines.
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