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ADTECH participated in the annual meeting of Higher Vocational College in 2008, and expressed their opinions on "Training talents of intelligent manufacturing"

ADTECH participated in the annual meeting of Higher Vocational College in 2008, and expressed their opinions on "Training talents of intelligent manufacturing"


Vocational education has gone through a hundred years from "saving the country by industry" to boosting the realization of "Chinese dream". Today, standing on the shoulder of "Made in China 2025", how can vocational education train skilled talents for the intelligent manufacturing industry through "school   -enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education"?

From December 8th to 9th, the Joint Meeting for Principals of National Higher Vocational College in 2018 was held in Fuzhou City. 1,500 representatives from more than 530 higher vocational colleges planned the annual development of vocational education.

The general manager of Shenzhen ADTECH Co., Ltd. Ms. Zhang Ruiju gave a speech on the theme of “School-enterprise cooperation, the talent training on intelligent manufacturing”, and shared the unique cooperation model of school-enterprise and successful stories in the field of intelligent manufacturing with the participants.

The school-enterprise cooperation mode with ADTECH characteristics

With the implementation of strategy "Made in China 2025" and the accelerated development of intelligent manufacturing, domestic industrial robots need to solve the problem of talent cultivation while gradually making progress on the development of the whole machine and core components."

To this end, domestic industrial robot companies have begun to cooperate with higher vocational colleges to build training bases.

However, in Ms. Zhang Ruiju's view, most of these cooperation models are relatively extensive. At present, in the major construction, enterprises pay more attention to the establishment of laboratories and training bases with the school, while ignoring the follow-up services such as course content setting and employment.

In the field of motion control and industrial robots, the company has strong technology, and has a national key laboratory of operation and the only municipal SCARA engineering laboratory in Shenzhen.

Ms. Zhang Ruiju said that ADTECH training environment can be aimed at the entire intelligent manufacturing process. Currently, there are three types of training rooms, such as control programming, robot disassembly and intelligent manufacturing, which can be developed a variety of simulation lines for teaching & production and training platforms according to the actual application of the enterprise.

What makes Ms. Zhang Ruiju proud is that ADTECH can also provide full series of courses including "Industrial Machines", "Electrical Design", "Mechanical Design", "Programming Language", "Production Automation", "Intelligent Manufacturing". In addition, in the joint construction of majors, ADTECH can also undertake the task of teacher training, and a set of assessment jobs of technical certification from "entry to expert" five levels for students, which combined with the practical application of the industrial site including program programming.

if school-enterprise cooperation does not work well, it is an anticlimax under the new situation when people's expectation for vocational education is changing from "obtaining employment" to "good employment ".

Our customers are brand companies in 3C, home appliances, new energy and other industries. ADTECH can collect their talent demand information and recommend excellent technical talents through school-enterprise cooperation.” Ms. Zhang Ruiju said. At the same time, through the needs of the terminal enterprises, the curriculum system can be amended reversely to build a laboratory that meets the needs of the enterprise.

Through the above-mentioned efforts, the ADTECH Guangdong centered country-wide blueprint of school-enterprise cooperation is developing gradually. As of now, total 91 cooperative higher vocational colleges, dozens of “51 Labor Medal” and “Technical Expert in Guangdong Province” winners cultivated, and more than 500 employees sent yearly.

Going to the world and cultivating international skills


In recent years, the “going out” of vocational education and making skilled talents flow around the world have also become a major trend. ADTECH is actively engaging in the global vocational education and has achieved certain results.


Luban College

Fuzhou Vocational and Technical College and the Malaysian Cultural Exchange Center jointly established Luban College where the international standardization training room is provided by ADTECH at the University of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.


ADTECH One Belt One Road Industrial College

ADTECH will unite with Malaysia International Cultural Exchange Center to build 10 “ADTECH One Belt One Road Industrial College” in Southeast Asia with the national universities. We must cultivate localized talents for Chinese companies overseas.


Building training base for smart manufacturing

The Malaysian International Cultural Exchange Center has more than 170 universities in China, and overseas partner universities involve Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Pakistan and many other countries.

ADTECH will jointly establish a smart manufacturing training base with domestic and overseas universities to cultivate more talents of intelligent manufacturing technology.

Finally, Ms. Zhang Ruiju mentioned a number of recent events between China and the United States around the domestic chip and other fields. She said:

" ADTECH doesn’t produce chips, but we can do industrial robots and core components well and cultivate more localized intelligent manufacturing skills for realizing the strategy of 'Made in China 2025'. At the same time, we will go to the world and train International talents."

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