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On October 18th, the 2019 China Skills Competition - the final of the 3rd National Industrial Robot Technology Application Skills Competition kicked off in Jinan City, Shandong Province,there are many technical experts from 30 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and 16 central enterprises. They will Duke it out there. The competition was hosted by five ministries including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Education. It is the only official competition in domestic.

Contest site (Source/Chinanews.com)

This competition is a single-player competition. It is divided into employee group, teacher group and student group. Encourage skilled personnel, teachers and reserve talents to compete on the same stage. The two-day competition is mainly for the two stages of theoretical examination and practical operation.

In order to better conform to the actual production of the enterprise, the AGV automatic navigation robot application was added in this competition, which made the assembly task more difficult, and added the design of the production line design, layout and simulation functions.

Contest site (Source/Chinanews.com)

As the first brand of SCARA robots in China, ADTECH has cooperated with integrators to let hundreds of ADTECH robots enter the competition platform, fully support and guarantee the high-quality of competition and cultivate high-skilled personnel to make the contribution to the industrial robot industry.

The contestant debugging equipment (picture source / Chinanews.com)

Not only there have the elements of ADTECH in the competition,  ADTECH also shines at the National Service Robot and Jinan Intelligent Robot Exhibition held in the same period. The GR4215-GR robot high-speed handling demonstration platform and AMC1600E bus control demonstration platform are displayed. , received a strong response from the audience. The show also played a key role in strengthening the brand influence of ADTECH in the Shandong market.

Audience at the scene stand behind the booth of the ADTECH

Watching robot high-speed handling platform

AMC1600E bus control demonstration platform

Promoting learning by competition and driving enterprises and colleges to participate in talent cultivation. In recent years, all levels of robot skill competitions have become an important platform for selecting excellent robotic talents in China. ADTECH has taken advantage of the trend and has repeatedly participated in the design and organization of competition equipment in various competitions. It has been well received by the organizers and contestant , and has also grown up with the competition to contribute to the promotion of the spirit of the great artisans.

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