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ADTECH Helps 2019 Shenzhen Robot Artisan Star Competition To Come To A Successful Conclusion

ADTECH Helps 2019 Shenzhen Robot Artisan Star Competition To Come To A Successful Conclusion


ADTECH Helps 2019 Shenzhen Robot Artisan Star Competition To Come To A Successful Conclusion

On November 14th, the 2019 Shenzhen Skills Competition - the final of the "Artisan Star" vocational skill competition in the robot industry, held at the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 30 teams from Shenzhen and other provinces and cities, 60 contestants Fierce competition, a total of 1 team first prize, 3 second prizes, 4 third prizes, and 7 team excellence awards.

As the co-organizer of this competition, ADTECH participates in the following parts in addition to the exclusive sponsorship of 12 SCARA robot platforms:

• Theoretical and practical training for contestants before the competition

(Robot teaching device interface introduction and operation, new construction, point tracking)

• On-site technical support during the competition

• Awards after the game

ADTECH supports and guarantees the competition to be of high quality and high level, and makes new contributions to the high-quality development of the industrial robot industry and the cultivation of highly skilled personnel.

△ ADTECH SCARA Robot of the competition workstation

△ADTECH representative awards the winners

In this competition, with reference to the content of the new occupation related to industrial robots of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the professional skills of industrial robot application and maintenance in Shenzhen are used as competition standards, and the industrial robot application and maintenance project competition is carried out in combination with the actual situation of enterprises and industries. It shows the mental outlook and skill level of frontline workers in China's “Robot Application and Maintenance”.

It is understood that the finals will be confirmed on the spot in the form of a public lottery. Each group of players will complete the installation of three different industrial robots (including SCARA Robot of ADTECH), electric actuators, wire feeders and code wheels within 150 minutes. And assembly, at the same time through programming and debugging, to achieve automated assembly production of the specified products (linked automatic operation).

We saw on the scene that the two players in each team had a clear division of labor, and they were able to achieve extraordinary performances and make the final sprint for the honor of "the craftsman's star".

For this competition, Bi Yalei, the secretary-general of the Shenzhen Robotics Association, said that the competition aims to solve the shortage of talents in the robotics and intelligent equipment industry by combining the actual situation of enterprises and industries. In addition, through the combination of competitions, recruitment, forums and training, the Association has formed a talent training system that promotes training, promotes talents in the robot industry, strengthens intelligent manufacturing applications, and provides professional training for the development of the robot industry and manufacturing. Talent training gives the Shenzhen plan.

ADTECH also believes that the skill competition model effectively shortens the training path for professionals and will drive the robot industry to make progress together.

Finally, ADTECH congratulates the success of this “Artisan Star” professional skill competition and wishes you the best wishes for each contestant!

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