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ADTECH At The Chengdu Industrial Expo,Gaining Followers By It’s Strength

ADTECH At The Chengdu Industrial Expo,Gaining Followers By It’s Strength


ADTECH At The Chengdu Industrial ExpoGaining Followers By It’s Strength

The China (Chengdu) International Modern Industrial Technology Expo, known as the “Chengdu Industry Expo”, was held in Chengdu on June 13-15. Shenzhen ADTECH took the opportunity to show its strong technological innovation ability and practical solutions in the control industry and industrial robot products to the southwest manufacturing industry through expo, which was well received by the audience.

△The audience gathered in front of the booth of ADTECH

As it's known to us all that as one of the most professional industrial exhibitions in Southwest China, the exhibition has been successfully held for six times. The reason why it has lasted for a long time is in Chengdu and its surrounding areas, with a relatively strong industrial base and good development prospects. Under the 2025 strategic plan, Chengdu is led by high-tech industries, highlighting the development of intelligent manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing and green manufacturing industries. According to media reports, in the first quarter of this year, Chengdu Industrial Robots grew by 4.6 times, becoming the fastest growing industry in the industrial sector.

In this exhibition, industrial robot exhibitors accounted for about one-third of the total, and the exhibition area exceeded half of the total area. This not only shows that the robot industry is booming in Chengdu and even the southwest region, but also reflects the transformation and upgrading of the local manufacturing industry. The robot maintains a strong demand.

Exhibited exhibits are carefully selected products and solutions by the ADTECH that best meet the needs and needs of local manufacturing. By watching the GR robot high-speed handling demonstration, the audience learned that the ADTECH Industrial Robot is not only compact in design, but also has a QC410 drive control integrated control system developed by the new generation. It has already represented domestic production in terms of production beat, precision and reliability. The high level of SCARA makes the handling of robots more and more fine.

△The audience carefully watched the exhibits

The bus control demonstration platform shows the features of the AMC1600E bus motion controller. The AMC1600E is an open control platform that supports IEC61131-3 programming and supports 16-axis bus and 6-axis pulse hybrid control. HMI, IO, DA, and AD can be flexibly configured according to customer's actual conditions. Powerful operation and control processing function, with motion track pre-processing planning function, spline interpolation, electronic cam and other motion functions.

In this exhibition,ADTECH has captured the latest development trend of industrial development in the southwest region, found out more specific automation project needs, and determined to lay out better products and customer services here, and make due for local manufacturing transformation and upgrading contribution.

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