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  • Indian customers, Brazilian customers visited our company in September2017-09-18

    On September 4, two Indian customers came to our company, with their fixtures, to test our SCARA robots, and confirm if our robots could be used on their production lines. The result of the test was so good that customers are very satisfied. After they return ...

  • Philippine customers, Indonesian customers, UAE customers visited our company in...2017-08-31

    August 18, 2017, several Philippine customers visited our company. Customers have purchased several sets of Scara four-axis robot, the purpose of this trip is to further negotiate orders, at the same time, customers also bought a few sets of our vision system....

  • Russian and Egyptian customers visited our company2017-08-16

    Russian customers visited our company At the end of July, a Russian customer visited our company and he wanted to know more our SCARA robots and evaluated whether our SCARA robot could be used in their production lines. After discussion, the customer was ...

  • Iran's important OEM customers visited our company2017-07-28

    In mid-July, one of our important Iranian old customers visited our company. This is an important OEM customer, who specializing in cutting equipment, and he bought a lot of HC6500 cutting machine controller from us. This time, he came to know more about our n...

  • Indian Golden agent Visit our Company on July2017-07-19

    July 3-9, 2017, our company India golden agent, visited our company, a total of two people, the boss and a senior engineer. The Indian golden agent and our company have cooperated for many years and have a long relationship, the annual volume cooperation have ...

  • Argentina Customers Visited Our Company for SCARA Robot training2017-06-30

    From June 22 to 24, 2017, two Argentinean customers came to our company for training of industrial robots SCARA robot and flame cutting machine controller. In these three days, we arranged engineers to train for our customers every day, and these two friends h...

  • Filipino Customers Visited Our Company for SCARA Robot training2017-06-12

    From June 5 to June 7, 2017, 3 Philippine customers came to our company for industrial SCARA robot training; customers have paid to buy robots. During these three days, we arranged professional training for our customers every day. Customers are very intereste...

  • Irish Customers and Pakistani Customers Visited Our Company2017-05-31

    May 22, two Pakistani Customers visited our company to purchase servo drives, servo motors and punch controllers, we had two days business meeting. During that time, customers had a comprehensive understanding of our company's products. The last day, our direc...

  • Two Polish Customers Came to our Factory for the Spring Machine2017-05-10

    May 8, two Polish customers came to our factory to view our spring machine, our business arranged to pick up the customers, and they arrived at our company on time. Customers appreciate our machines and have formed friendly friendships with our business. The m...

  • After the Canton Fair, many foreign customers visited our company2017-04-28

    In Canton Fair, many customers are interested in our products, so, after the Canton Fair, many customers visited our company, to discuss orders matters. There are Indian customers, Algerian customers, Bangladeshi customers, Iranian customers and so on. At pres...